Working With Groups Masterclass

If you don't learn to effectively work with groups, you're not only going to be hurting the profitability of your business but also sacrificing the effectiveness of your teaching and coaching.   It's time to take it seriously.

Special guests Dr Rick Jensen, Henry Brunton, Shawn Humphries, Jeff Isler, Michael Michaelides, and Will Robins.

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Working With Groups contains everything you could want to know about working with groups, from education to implementation.

Want to get an idea of what this is all about? 
Listen to 10 minutes (free) of the conversation with Dr Rick Jensen and Henry Brunton 

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Here's What You'll Learn:

- The most important aspects of launching a group program.
- The #1 reason most people fail when working with groups.
- Advice from those that spend 80% of their time working with groups. 
- Why you need to create a detailed plan (and how to go about doing it)
- Examples of what other instructors are doing in their group programs.

What You'll Get:

- The Working With Groups Workbook
- Action Steps From Each Presentation 
- Real World Case Studies
- Full Presentations from each guest